OUR PLACE It Feels Like Home
Hi, we're Idea - a creative studio specializing in creative. Our idea starts from research and strategy, continues a complete branding process across all client's aspects and ends with a creative branding package that supports brand values in both the online space, offline world and other worlds to come :)

Our studio

Our studio is located in Tel Aviv, and is made up of designers, illustrators, media people and copywriters. Or in two words: creative people. A curious, sharp and talentedpeople looking for a way to bring the next idea you need every time . Strategic, branding, packaging design, interior branding, online and offline advertising, web and app design, and of course, social. But that’s because we’re very so easy to LIKE. Oh, and we have great coffee. Really great.

Our approach

We believe in people. A real connection between people with a common purpose (and of course with essential set of skills) it is the key to any project. Whether it is designing a packaging series, a complete advertising campaign, a branding action, or your next app – it all starts first with a strategy meeting and research – all the way to creating the most complete and professional solution. We love our clients and love working with them over periods and projects. Come to join us.